Poetry : Sit yourself for a while – (4) ❣️❣️

Enjoy life with a spontaneous smile,

One of my friends says waiting for prince showing fragile, 

I think she is right , why waiting for anyone beside , You should be glaring enough to be your own light,

You have the power to turn glum into blithe, 

Not only physically strong but also emotionally right, 

Don’t let your mind turns you down, 

Don’t feel blue because of any other kind, 

You are unexcelled in your own ride, 

You are sunshine for your own life, 

Don’t run behind anyone , make your own paradise,

It is true that we are with someone for whom we can count stars in sky, 

But put yourself first leave everyone behind in your mind, 

Be your own queen for your own paradise, 

Keep an eye on your own dime, don’t let your mind blind,

Sit yourself for a little while 

Love yourself more than any kind … 

Astha Srivastava ♥️

Take care ❣️❣️ this shall too pass ❣️❣️

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