Poetry: Devil hears you🌼

The devil listens you, waiting to grant the dark wishes….

You speak the rough about yourself, your wish is accorded…

So, careful, don’t speak ill about yourself….

Let the devil think, there is nothing darker within you ….

Let the devil think, you are the shining streak of light that can be seen in night…

Let the devil think, you are the best in your own storyline…


Astha Srivastava ♥️

Whispered tale: I’m stuck🌼🌼

I’m stuck between trying to measure my life, and trying to run from it….

I’m stuck between trying to be stronger, and trying to face society…

I’m stuck between trying to make myself happy, and shattering in nights…

I’m stuck between trying to be positive, and feeling anxiety…

I’m stuck between using humour as defence, and crying lonely…

~ Astha Srivastava ♥️

Scribble: Half love ✨


Breaking the single piece of heart,
You have, offered me gift of HALF LOVE..
You have taken away your part,
You have left me alone, to wail back to the start,
Nothing looks prepossesd, in half
Neither the Moon nor my love, now a bluff,
Unidirectional attractions, cannot be my stuff,
I have loved your being, not your body,
Despite of this physical separation,
I would celebrate the joy of  other half,
The other half deep in my memories,
The other half, sensed in my reflection,
The other half, smearing my dermis,
The other half, YOU, the soul who back stabbed me….


Astha Srivastava ♥️

Short Prose: Blue💙


Blue is the colour of peace, 

Where we can feel deep serene,

In the blue, we can see the colours of both water and sky,

One is reminded of drowning and the other one is saying us to fly high,

The ocean waves pull deeper, deeper into the sea, 

And the sky is calling us to flee, 

You have to pick one, focus on the sky,

Otherwise you remain stuck in the deep,

Try to swim in the middle ocean, keep fighting with that sensation,

Because the sky is always waiting for your escalation…

~Astha Srivastava ♥️


Microtale: Happiness✨✨

Happiness is the most worthy thing,
Happiness can be seen in wing of bee,

Happiness can be seen in thing of interest,
Happiness can seen in achievement,

Happiness can be seen even in small moment,
Happiness is in keep spreading among others,

Happiness is to proud yourself that you faced failure, and come out stronger,

Happiness is to see proud in your parents eyes, every day every time,

Happiness is surrounded by positive vibes… ✨✨✨✨

Astha Srivastava ♥️

Happy diwali ✨🪔🪔🪔✨

This diwali add a little extra thoughts to every little things we do🪔🪔 because it’s all about little things that bring peace and happiness ✨✨

The jhumka you are going to wear is not just an ornament, it’s a charm. Each time you will sway your head, you will make heads turn and hearts fall …✨✨


Each colour of rangoli is telling you something, let blue remind you of all the times you have felt you won’t make it, let red remind you of all the love you have felt, let every other colours say something, at last let yellow remind you are here safe and blessed to make this rangoli ✨✨


You might have marred your dress a little with the oil in those diyas or you might even have burned your finger while lighting one but look at them kept together, doesn’t it all seems worth ?


If there is anyone you miss this diwali, light a diya, with them in your heart and a single wish saying wherever they are, may they be happy and safe 💖✨✨

One extra sweet can always be afforded on this day and if not take it as reward for making it till here ✨✨


Bless the money you are giving to buy those thoughtful gifts and sweets, afterall that money is diwali to someone else ✨✨

You didn’t just gave a box of sweets, gifts or money to your watchman, you gave a smile to someone and their family. You didn’t just recieve “Happy Diwali” in return, you were showered with true blessings which matter a lot ✨✨


This year feel lord Ram’s arrival after you have seen everything that was not asked for coming. Do believe happiness is arriving at your doorstep. This year, make sure to be there at the puja and let all your sorrow out, as if someone is listening and will surely end it. ✨✨


The world is waiting out there for you to get ready. So look the best, stand by the fairy lights and take infinite pictures, smile as if it is adding money to your bank balance, call your loved ones and at last feel blessed to have a family and people you call home ✨✨🏠🏠

Astha Srivastava ♥️

Poetry: When she is in love with you -2 ❤️✨✨❤️

When she is in love with you -1

When she gets close to anyone she cries her eyes out,  But when you bring her down she moves you out, 

Move you out is not as easy as it seems,  She has to break piece of her heart out without screams, 

She wants you back just like before,  Because she imagines you in her forevermore, 

But when things get out of control,  And it hurts to keep you close, 

She can show anger but leaving is not what she wants,  She keeps waiting for your erstwhile response,

She keeps an eye over the sky with a broken wings,  She wants to fly like a fearless fledglings, 

She can do anything for you after seeing your smile,  She wants to go with you for a mile, 

She is in seventh heaven when you treat her right,  She can do anything for making everything all right, 

You are like music of her every song,  You are like DDLJ ka raj prolong, 

Astha Srivastava♥️