Happy women’s day ❣️❣️

I am a woman who adds panache to my colourful wings,

I know that society will poke its dirty nose in my affair,

I am like Draupadi, who had rebelled against her wrongdoers,

I will not let my soul disrobe by the vagabonds,

Gone are the days when women were punished for crossing Laxman rekha,

Now, with illuminating rays, I will disfigure all the monsters,

My actions will be the right way to flaunt my fearlessness in an alluring manner,

Ladies, let shine together to create an incredible world…

Happy women’s day just remember you are unique in your own way.❤️

Astha Srivastava ♥️

Take care ❣️❣️

Scribble: Get up 🌈

No matter how hard anyone tries to let me down,

you’ll see the unexpected rising.

yes I got hurt, yes broke down,

yes I cried, yes felt broken but when I make all these feelings TEMPORARY, I will WIN!

And if I can do this, you CAN too. get up, dust off that dirt from your shoulder and rise.

listen to the criticisms, you’ll get variety of made-up opinions about yourself – do not consume them,

They’re unhealthy for your body and mind. it’s YOU and only YOU, who is going to help YOURSELF!

No matter who pushes me, no matter how hard I fall, I’ll RISE!

Pledge yourself and be strong. sending all love I have. no matter how broken I was, I won’t be broken forever.

Astha Srivastava ♥️

Keep shinning ✨✨🌈

Poetry : Let me ❤️

Let me feel the rhythm of your breath, 

Just lie down under the full moon, talk underneath, 

Find our new home beneath, 

Make my own paradise with you,

I feel on the cloud nine with you, 

For whom I can count stars in sky,

When everything feels terribly right, 

We are dazzling enough to be each other’s light,

You talk I gaze , there is no place for a maze, 

Feel that we together will go through any difficult phase, 

Let me feel the rhythm of your breath,

Let me dance in your heart beats…. 

Astha Srivastava♥️

Let me ❣️

My Poetry Got published: Momentos ✍️✍️✨✨


Seventh book in a row
My Poetry got published 


Some lines of my poetry:

” Yes love scares me, you know, what if the one I love leaves me in the middle to get the one they love without bothering about me who still loves !!!! “

“Moments” is available on Amazon

You can buy from notionpress



Astha Srivastava ♥️

Poetry: Seventh Heaven🙈❤️✨

Seventh Heaven.

This feeling of love is so old, yet so new to me,
I’ve always wondered what would happen if he makes “The first move” on me.

Just when he came by my side and held my hand in peace,
just by a simple jesture of assurance he made me feel all of those unknown things/feelings!!

I could have sworn,
I felt shiver down my spine when he just said “hey” to me. I could have sworn he made my heart blush.

The way his smiles makes me fall for him even more.
I don’t know if its love or just an attraction…
But whatever it is,
it makes me feel like I’m on seventh heaven. 🙈❤️

Astha Srivastava ♥️


Scribble: How? ❤️🤞

How can I not love you, when everything about you, is about me.

How can I not love you, when two hearts are beating like one.

How can I not love you, when my mind is always thinking about you.

How can I not love you, when I want to talk to you everytime even if I have nothing to say.

How can I not love you, when everytime I see notification from you I smile like an idiot.

How can I not love you, when I’m always searching excuses to talk to you,

How can I not love you, when I’m different while I’m talking with you.

How!!! ?

Astha Srivastava ♥️