To a prisoner of heartbreak 💔

Moving on when you are still in love is tough, but moving on when you are no longer in love is tougher,

Only you know what you had to go through to pass where you are and only you can account for your pain,

Only you know how many nights you had to sleep through to stop torturing yourself and only you know how many mornings you woke up to feeling a void inside you,

Only you know how passionately you prayed to heal and only you know that you gave more than just your heart to them,

Only you know how many tears it took for you to finally stand and smile and only you know how many times you had to let go to actually let them go,

Only you know how much you loved them and what it took for you to un-do them,

Sure your heart is not delicate anymore and love is not your weak spot anymore, but giving away even a tiny piece of yourself to someone is not something your heart is ready for anymore,

The trepidation is not because you lost what you loved it’s because you lost when you felt,

You don’t have the strength to love and lose again, you are afraid to fall for someone again, and you have lost too much already to give again,

This is the thing about heartbreak no matter how vehemently you cry, your tears are only yours to wipe, you are the only escape and this is only your journey to live,

So please, wipe your tears and live your journey, empowerment awaits you. Don’t question your tears and stop hating yourself to feel pain for them, it’s only your heart antidote to make you stronger, when you have already gave them so much of you it’s ok to shed some tears too.

The beauty of love is in the way you fall in it and after everything that you have been through to self heal, you can’t convince your heart to go over the entire process all over again. The flirting, the love, the promises, the intimacy, the fights, the tears, the insecurities, the seperation and the drama, it’s just not all worth it again,

You could be ready to move on but not ready to give your heart away just yet, and it’s ok.

With live and virtual hugs,

Your companion in love, hate, indifference and success.

Astha Srivastava ♥️


Microtale: shooting stars🌟

I think

I have witnessed

enough shooting stars

To notice they are mere

reflection of who I am

A Piece of rock drifting

through space, flaming, defying

gravity, cutting through thin

air at a speed nobody

could possibly chase to

reach to a place where wishes

are made not necessarily granted

and reality is just a state of mind

Astha Srivastava ♥️


Scribble: Can we? 🙂🌈

Can we sit for a while in this moment,

Looking deep into each other’s eyes without any movement,

Can we please listen each other’s story,

Such that while sharing it, being judged is not to worry,

Can we for a while unmasked ourselves,

And be something incredible,

Astha Srivastava ♥️


Poetry: overthink 🤍🖤

Yes I overthink each and every time, I notice little things either positive or negative in a line,

Once I connect with you, I want to feel your every heartbeat,

There are no space of lies, I will not play any games,

I want you just understand my side,

For your one smile, I can burn in blaze,

Over love, over care, yes this is my type,

Just stay I want to nurture your soul,

That one day we feel one whole,

Astha Srivastava ♥️


Happy new year🌈✨✨🌈

Poem – New Year!

New Year brings new hopes, new dreams….
New wind blows, the new sunrise beams
And we follow them as our thoughts are keen!
Always remember the last year’s good days .
But do swipe off those negative shades !
The bad days will give us a positive lesson
And thus the brightness of the positivity happens !
The new book of 365  pages has the new aromatic smell,
that every reader would  love to feel and tell !
12 months, 5 seasons and new experiences are on your way,
Gear up, take your stand and  explore each hopeful day!
There might be tiny hurdles on your path,
Kick them with your strength do not boost your wrath !
2020 was a teacher to all in every way ….
2021 will be a mentor, a friend all I can wish and say !

Astha Srivastava ♥️


New year Hindi poetry ✨

दिन क्या,
महीना क्या,
साल क्या,
एहसासों को कैद कर चला है समा..

एक याद,
एक घाव,
एक सबक,
दिलों पर एक लकीर बना चला है समा…

बेहाली में,
हर हाली में,
गमों की टोली में,
फिर खड़ा होना सीखा गया है समा..

मैं अक्सर गिनता नहीं था,
मगर प्राथना कर रहा हूँ कि सच्च में बदल जाये ये समा…

Last day of the year ❤️👻
I hope we revise the lessons and not the pains🍫🎂

Astha Srivastava ♥️

New year hope🌈