Poetry: Since The day that I met you ❤️


My world become heaven,

My soul starts dancing like butterflies in a garden of scented flowers,

I can feel my heart beats,

Since the day that I met you…

I’m losing myself,

I’m losing my world in you,

I’m losing my heart,

I just lost everything,

Since the day that I met you…

I’m becoming more mad,

I start blushing like moon,

I start smiling like an idiot,

Since the day that I met you …

I start missing you,

I’m staring at your pictures,

Sometimes I can’t message or call you I just check your last seen,

And I don’t know what is happening,

Since the day that I met you…

I start seeing you with my closed eyes,

You became my most special ally,

My heart starts hearing your soul’s voice,

There is a connection,

Since the day that I met you…

To be continued…… ❤️

Astha Srivastava ♥️


51 thoughts on “Poetry: Since The day that I met you ❤️

  1. Ah Yes Waves of Love

    Dear Astha Dancing

    In Raging Oceans

    With Stanzas that

    Go Something Like

    This in Refrain Singing Where

    Beloved’s Face is the Poetry

    Favorite Verse Read Over and

    Over And Over Again Underneath

    Closed Lids Yet Wide OPen EYes of Love

    NoW As Sleep Becomes Never Ending Wake of Bliss
    Yes Wake of Waves Ocean Whole on Fire Ever More…

    SMiLes So Why Does

    Love Feel All This

    Ocean Rage Fire

    NoW iT Seems With No

    Reasons Yet Drops of Water

    Rain Waves Feeling Sensing

    Even Deeper As Love Flows

    More WeLL iT’s All To Do With

    The Survival of the Species Yes

    There is No Greater Glue Now Than

    Love That Comes And Goes And Stays

    SMiLes Treasure the MaGiC Dear FRiEnD

    For What is Done May Be Forgotten And Lost

    For What Will Stay Is the Love We Always Give For Giving Free…

    SMiLes i Missed Your Poetry As You Bring Treasure of Soul to LiGHT..:)

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  2. SMiles Always A Pleasure
    Dear Astha and OBTW
    Noticed Concerns In the

    Comments that Your
    Love Poems To Your
    Special Other Might

    Be Mistaken As Lusty

    Can’t Imagine That

    Your Poems
    Are Among

    The Most Innocent

    Poems i’ve Read About

    Love Really Very

    Refreshing And

    Of the Caliber

    To Melt
    HeART of
    Beast Beautifully
    Penned Indeed
    With SMiLes
    My FRiEnD

    To Frame

    And Keep

    Your Love
    Safe in The
    Poetry Books

    You Publish
    To Share


  3. My my Dear Astha
    It’s Been 12 Whole
    Days All Of Us Waiting
    Patiently For Part Two

    Of Your Lovely
    Poetry Story

    Today i Am
    Checking Up
    On You As A
    Forever FRiEnD
    Hope All Is Okay😊 🌈 ☺️🤗

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  4. I think now you live on dancing and shining brightly among the stars.
    As I read this, it makes me emotional, I wish you were blessed with strength to fight and keep going.
    I wish you lived looongerr.
    You will be missed Astha.

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  5. My Heart Is Heavy
    Reading This With Tears
    In My Eyes Astha Such
    A Lovely Soul Bringing

    Love To All
    She Touched
    So Glad She Found
    Love in Her Remaining

    Months on Earth Yes
    Dear Astha Will Always
    Have A Place In My



    Prayers For
    Here Take Care
    Saba Thanks So
    Much For Reaching

    Out to Let Us Know
    Of This Soul-Felt Loss

    Astha Will Be Missed

    Yet Poetry Of Her

    SoUL, HeART
    SPiRiT Breathes

    On A


    A Loveliest Soul

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  6. I got know her after her death.
    Being a part of this wordpress family this news shocked me so much.
    For you she was a friend and I can understand the feelings you have now.
    She was full of love, helping out people with her beautiful words.
    What she left behind is her immense love, and she will be remembered with love only, Inshaallaha!

    May her beautiful soul rest in peace 💖

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  7. SMiles Saba The Kindest
    People i Find in
    The World Are


    And Indian
    The Fact You
    Didn’t Know Her

    As A Friend And
    Care Enough About

    Strangers Who Loved
    Astha As Friend Speaks

    Volumes of How Your
    Culture Raises You

    To Care For others

    Strangers Who

    May Be Completely

    Different From

    You indeed

    Love That Transcends

    Form Lives Forever

    Now i only
    Knew Astha

    For Several



    My Grief
    And Tears
    Now are No Less
    Deep And Feeling
    As When i Lost

    My Mother

    Yet You

    See In This

    Way My Mother

    Breathes On As

    Even Though

    i Am A 60 Year

    Old Very


    Of A Male

    i Am Still



    The Love


    Of A Mother In

    This Way




    The Face

    Of God Love
    To Live on there
    Is Another Angel
    Muslim Woman


    Beautiful Soul
    In Poetry Who

    Went For
    A Wedding
    Of Her Brother
    In India living
    In Quatar she is
    Late Returning i



    About Her Now
    Too Where i Live
    There is The Fallacy
    That Believes The

    This Pandemic

    Disease We All Must
    Take Care of Each


    So Love
    Continues to
    Breathe Thank
    You For Your Kindness
    Saba so Appreciated it is

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  8. Thank you, Fred for this heartfelt reply.
    Your emotions reminds me of a wonderful event from the life of our Holy Prophet(peace be upon him)
    He is a blessing for all humanity and being his ummah we are to follow his beautiful divine teachings. Muslims are a family and this whole humanity is their clan.
    And samreen has returned home. Alhamdulillah! They are fine now.

    You have gifted with a beautiful heart, Fred.
    Take care
    Stay blessed, stay loved.

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  9. SMiles Dear Saba
    Your Words Of
    Kindness Soothe
    my Tears Yes

    In This
    Way Astha
    Still Breathes

    And For Every
    Act Of Kindness

    For All Of Nature
    God SMiles Breathes
    On Thanks So Much
    For Relating Samreen
    And Her Family’s


    For the Moon
    Stars And Earth

    Are God’s

    Love This

    Breath of
    Love Breathing Us All🙏🌅

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