Quote : Search your own light ✨✨

Aesthetic image of reality and existence , 

Where even the God in the form of the sun is trying to tell us , 

Even in the darkest hours , there is always a ray of light , 

So don’t give up yet, wait , and search for your own light … 

~Astha Srivastava ♥️

❣️❣️Never Quit ❣️❣️

50 thoughts on “Quote : Search your own light ✨✨

  1. When we break our thinking limits and try to search for meaning, values, hope and life, in such a way we can help ourselves and the people around us to move in the right direction.
    The truth will guide our way.

    Your words are more than a girl’s thoughts when you try to find light for the people. It was a wonderful reading. Lots of love from me.❤

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  2. Life doesn’t care
    what we like or not
    the sun gives
    the fire to existence

    without the dark
    down in the soil
    can not
    Raise the plant to the sky

    it takes all courage
    storm and weather
    inside and outside
    to endure

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  3. SMiLes Astha It’s True This
    Star This Sun This
    Shine And Ray

    Is Light

    Within You

    Bring in Words
    You Sing As Poetry

    To Touch The Moon
    Lighting Dark Side Again

    For Both You And Others True..:)

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