Poetry : Be real with me❣️


Just be real with me, 

Whether you are laughing weirdly, Or shedding tears in night lonely, 

Let me hold you in my sight, Understand your every frame of mind,

Just don’t put on any makeup on your face, No manipulation, not any web of lies and contrivances, be in each other’s side in any case, 

Try to understand each other’s perspectives, We want true peace which should not be deceptive, 

Just don’t use any filter, Don’t be a wanderer, Stay, let’s make our world happier,Where is no space of despair, 

Stop judging, Accept everything, The real me and you, This is all I want from you, If I love you, I love you anyway, 

~Astha Srivastava ♥️

Be real ✨✨ Things will be beautiful with you ✨✨♥️♥️

66 thoughts on “Poetry : Be real with me❣️

  1. Ah Yes Astha There is No Greater Feeling
    Now Than Not Having to Hide Who You

    Are Particularly

    From One You

    Love For How

    Does Love Hide

    From Who We Are

    True It Does When We Hide
    How Wonderful It is For Every Breath Enough..:)

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