My poetry got published: Enlighten ✍️✨✨✨


Sixth book in a row
My Poetry got published 

Published 🤓✍️

My poetry:

She 🍁🍁

She has a smile, only one of her type, It is just so pure, like a happy illusion of the mind, Her silence is enough, she doesn’t need to speak, Right behind her eyes are all those answers you seek.

It is more than just an innocent face she has, She is the sun in the evening going red, Loyalty isn’t just her habit, it is the way of her life, The words on her tongue sometimes felt sharper than the knife, Then after anger goes away she wants to do everything right, Just don’t leave her ever, understand her side.

Kindness sort of dwell in her heart, Seeing anyone’s tears, she cries all over night, She has a dream to turn their tears into laughter, She wants everyone’s smile, She is the shining streak of light that only night has seen.

Her love for written words is one of a kind, She has lived all those imaginations ever set up in a clever mind, Her curiosity led her to the places she’s never been before, It is the beat in her heart and the reason she is breathing for.

She has a kind and caring heart, She is a gift of nature’s living art, She is so divine and goodness brimmed her heart, She goes on helping others like a ray of light in the dark.

She doesn’t let go of her humanity even though her heart bleed, And hid the pain in the pages of a book that no one is supposed to read, The best thing about her is the goodness in her soul, She is the shadow of a divine goddess standing tall.

All those secrets is safe in her keep, They were locked away in a lake so deep, She has a calm gesture and a warm embrace, With that young and stupid heart, she aspires a heavenly grace.

She is a fun loving and life living girl, Her funny nature is as precious as a piano black pearl, She possess a dragon’s heart, That courage she had was a heavenly moonspark.

She wants everyone just be real with her, Whether you are laughing weirdly, Or shedding tears in night lonely, Don’t put any makeup on your face, No manipulation, not any web of lies and contrivances, be in each other’s side in any case, Try to understand each other’s perspectives, She wants true peace which should not be deceptive… 

Astha Srivastava ♥️

Co-author ✍️✨

“Enlighten” is available on Amazon.


Book will be live on Flipkart, snapdeal, ShopClues, Amazon worldwide & E-book store soon…


But I can’t resist myself to share this with you guys 🤗🤗

Lots of love ✨✨🌈🤗

Astha Srivastava ♥️

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