Poetry: I need ❤️

I need…

The toughest taskmaster that there ever was to correct my mistakes and rectify my flaws.

I need…

Those soulful eyes with an undying light to guide me lifelong through my darkest of nights.

I need…

A heavenly smile that’s impossible to describe, taking away my pains and easing out the strife.

I need…

A hand to cares for all the times I’ve cried, the warm sunshine to illuminate my cold eyes.

I need…

An innocent giggle to always hold upon, the sole reason for any of my smile to ever form.

I need…

Someone whose memories I’ll carry up above, A friend for forever who doubles up as my love.

I need…

Not just anyone but someone really so true and

all I need …

Is no one else but only you..

Because if there is love anything else just doesn’t matter…

Astha Srivastava ♥️

Waiting 🤞❤️

38 thoughts on “Poetry: I need ❤️

  1. “I’m totally incomplete without you…” I need the one I love and only the one I love. Because he is irreplaceable ❤ and he already has my heart ❤.

    Your poem is beautiful. Thank you

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  2. Smiles Dear Astha All Those Qualities
    You Will Find In You And Then

    Those Who Are Looking

    For Those


    Will Find You Free

    Freeing Them to Add More

    To What You May Have Never Thought to See


    Be to See..:)

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