Poetry : Why ?!!!! β™₯️

Why does this heart want to make everyone happy? Why do I take this as a responsibility?

Why do I have that third eye? That sees people’s reality,Β 

Why do I want to close that eye? So I can finally sleep without a dubiety,Β 

Why do I want people in my surroundings? Even after knowing their degeneracy,Β 

Why can’t I undo my feelings? Why after connecting i accept manipulating,Β 

Why do I give too much to the people I love? And end up with giving everything I have,

Then why does this heart feel sad?When someone doesn’t give return of that,Β 

Why can’t I be selfless in giving love?Why does this heart want return on that,

Why can’t I live all by myself,Β Why do I need people to show my tenderness,Β 

Why does this heart can’t live alone,Β Why can’t condone,Β 

Why do I want someone beside,Β Is this my biggest deficiency,Β 

Why do I want to live in my fool’s paradise,Β And don’t want to open my third eye,Β 

Why am I thinking so much about people who are connected with me,Β Why do I want this heart to stop Feel,Β 

Why !!!!!!! 

~Astha Srivastava β™₯️


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