Poetry : I can’t leave youπŸ’›

I can’t leave …. I can’t … I can’t … I can’t … 

Yes this is me, I always remember who did what for me, 

It includes both good or bad, It remains in my head, 

Your every sentence, every motivation, Your commendation or condemnation, 

Your care in my gloomy days, Or your understanding of my phase, 

I always remember everything, Whatever you will bring, I’ll accept it as a gift, Because you were there for me to uplift,

It’s my heart, Not I’m like this because of my dark, 

So yes if you did any favour for me in past, You have me in any cost, 

You can do anything with me, you can wreck me, ignore me, But I can’t,

Because it’s always like a reminder, That you did not abandon me like a stranger, 

I see your tears for me, This is the precious gift I feel, 

~ Astha Srivastava β™₯️


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