Poetry : Corona : A Rollercoaster

Corona is like stuck in one place, But learnt a lot in this phase, East or west, Family is one who will be with us in every gest, Don’t let this virus spread, Be a responsible inhabitant, Don’t get out of your cage, Enjoy home snacks, Don’t invite any for fest, It’s your patience test, 

Corona is like a roller coaster, Sometimes we feel better, But someday we can’t bear, So much negativity in the world, Everything in mind is twirled, We want to work in routine, But stuck between reality and grim mind scene, Encourage ourselves to get up, But in head, everything is messed up, 

Our mother earth is shut down for repair, And truly it’s not fair, Everyone feels despair, Because there is plenty of time to remember when life was unfair, 

This epidemic has hit the reset button and changed a lot of things, We started valued to small little things, Family laughter and gathering, All we want in this difficult time is pampering, 

Take care 🌻🌻♥️

Astha Srivastava ♥️


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