Poetry : Be your own light☁️⛈️🌩️🌦️🌥️⛅🌤️☀️☀️

The world perceived her ugly and a curse, She strengthens her bad luck, Spreading light through her verse, She gives herself hope which is filled with magic ingredients and positive thoughts, And outgrows from being a disgrace,

Aesthetic image of reality and existence, Where even the God in the form of the sun is trying to tell her, Even in the darkest hours, there is always a ray of light, So don’t give up yet, wait, and search for your own light … 

~Astha Srivastava ♥️

🌻🌻Search your own light☀️☀️ Every day every time 🌻🌻

43 thoughts on “Poetry : Be your own light☁️⛈️🌩️🌦️🌥️⛅🌤️☀️☀️

  1. Soo much glad to know this ❤️♥️ more power and strength to you girl ❤️❤️ take care ♥️♥️🌻🌻🌻😘


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