Hey thankyou so much all of you for giving me this much blessings and love . This is my fourth award because of you guys. I’m honoured . Recieved ideal inspiration blogger award , Liebster award , Vincent Ehindero blogger award now this . Thankyou soo much for all of you who think I deserve this 💛💛

I am extremely happy to thank Mr. Kamal shreshta for giving me this award.Dear all, please check out his blog which is so amazing……

This award is given to a real achiever and successor who has been giving their creative feelings and thoughts exquisitely presenting a good perfection of work of art in wordpress writings.

THE MAIN AIM OF THE AWARD IS TO SPREAD PEACE AND TO PROTECT AND SAVE OURENVIRONMENT.. Its my pleasure to have this achievement through which I can be a part of this great thought..

Concept of PEACE

Its not just a momentary aspect to spread peace but it is something divine and can only be done by a person who is having a deep inner enlightened soul..

All of us are seeking for a peaceful environment.But its true that it can only be created from a peaceful human mind.Only a peaceful mind can provide happiness, delight and cheerfulness to life. We all are having the ability to radiate peace deep within ourselves.. so let us together make this world a heaven of peace……


As we all know the only place we can rely is our environment. Its our mother ;who give us this graceful life that we are enjoying each moment. Bt our use and utilisation of her has crossed the limits. She is at the brim of death and crying so hard for help. Only we humans have the responsibility to help her since only we are the reasons for all her pain.. let us join together and do simple things that we can, so that it will become a great step for saving the environment… Remember: saving her life is nothing but saving ourselves and our future generations….

My answers :

1.How can you be a good blogger as a member of wordpress global village?

*Write everything from the heart 💓 and inspire others, motivate others people who need peace of mind . After reading my article people need to feel special . I only want this ♥️ just take care of yourself , be selfish for your mental peace … 🌻🌻

2.How can we save a tree?

*Saving a tree is loving a tree.. first love the world around you. Initiative to save every creature including tree will become the part of your character.

3.Do you think human trafficking is still a crosscutting issue?


4.what thing do you sacrifice to make a happy family environment?

*For a happy family more than sacrifice understanding and love beyond limits is needed. It doesn’t mean that I’m not going to interfere anybody . They are my people I should correct them , it’s my responsibility to direct them a right path , we want happiness internally not just superficially . The main point to be noted for happy family is all about “understanding” . If they understand that whatever I’m doing all for them because of them . They love me anyway 🙂🌼

5.which animal do you like the most amd why?

*I think every animal have its own importance. Each of them have their own beauty and innocence that hold the world. If have to choose one than I go for sweet cute dog . Because dog love you from the very end and never leave you ♥️

6.what do you think about journalists and youtubers?

*journalists are people who spread the actual news about the world and youtubers are people who spread the news mixing their perspective and creation. They both have authentication to make or deteriote the image of people in front of society . They both should be careful 💜 don’t get too harsh to anybody 💜

7.Could you please define a word “PEACE” from your point of view?

* PEACE is Powerful Ejection of Affection and Care for Every being. Peace is everything 🌻I have seen people who have money , But no one to share any , They don’t have peace for which they are craving for, They want someone for a heart pour, How could you survive without any to call you ‘mine’, Without ‘yours’ you can’t shine, peace is important for every kind 🌻

8. Does a movie-star play a vital role to aware most of the people around the world or just they present their performance to earn money?
– Actually movie stars are Idol to many people. I even have two or three Idols from movie Industry. I just look up to them and dream about working for the society like them one day. And I believe that actors are not only for performing in the the movies and other places, they are equally responsible to make people aware about things happening around and to motivate people to do better.

My questions are:

1.what is the best but simple thing that you can do to protect environment?

2. Which is the most touched incident you had, that you find it happened because of our over utilisation of e

3.what is your message to future generation for spreading peace?

4. How can you express your love towards the world in three words?

5. Explain the environment in your dream briefly.

6.Do you believe in fate and why?

7.Do you like to be a part of environment protection activities?

I am nominating those bloggers who can answer the 4 th qn in a superb cute way….comment me and be a part for spreading peace and save our environment..

Once again thanking Mr. Kamal shreshta for nominating me and gave me a golden opportunity to be a part of this wonderful thought…….

45 thoughts on “GREAT ACHIEVER “महासिद्धि” BLOGGER AWARD💜💜

  1. Thank you very much for the peace award.I am extremely sorry to say that I met with an accident on 17 th August and suffering of a crack on my left elbow hence I thank you once again for the nomination as it won’t be possible for me to nominate others .Please don’t mind.Take care.🌹👍🙏

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