Poetry : Sit yourself for a while- (5) : Suicide is not an option ..❣️Take care❣️

 whyyy !!!!!!!!!! 

Baat karne ka naa, man halka ho jata hai…. 

How could you do this !!!???? 

Think about your family , just imagine your parents mien, 

You don’t think you break them deep down, 

How your parents survived after seeing your gloomy side, 

How your siblings can see you laying down, 

How your friends convicted themselves for this crime, 

Yes convicted , it is true there are so many talks that we can talk only with our ally, 

You should be unfolded for some with whom you can share as easy as pie, 

Find someone who is willing to listen , grab that one , allow to enter in your life, 

Find a shoulder to cry on , because you are precious for your own kingdom 💙💙💙

Sit yourself for a little while, 

Love yourself more than any kind !!!! 

Astha Srivastava ♥️

Take care of yourself ❣️❣️

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