Poetry : Introvert or A Selective extrovert ….

An unusual race of humans , Slightly sensible than the normal ones ..

But a lot more insane in their heads , Maybe it’s a sign of this breed..

I am an introvert and a part of this kind , Sometimes sane , sometimes unkind ..

I need that positive vibe to share , With whom I feel like found solitaire ..

But , interacting with me is such a pain , It takes time to set foot in my mains .. .

I live in a world where everything is like a story , You have to prove your glory …

I am quiet but talk a lot in my head , Rarely sleep without a single thought in bed …

I share all things with whom I feel homely , Not a single doubt arrives when I am being friendly,But when I am with you and starting to feel lonely , I am sorry I have to abandon you gradually …. 

Abandon is not what I want , But it just happens without any plan …

I am as delicate as glass And as credulous as a child , I guess it’s the fault of my kind ….

Maybe I’m weird entirely ,Or I can say extrovert explicitly …

I wish I were like everyone else , Talk more and a lot more social , But I am affable with my favourite people …

This is not my attitude , It’s all about verisimilitude ..

At first I’m selective , Then for you, I am overprotective.. .

When you enter in my life , I can count stars in sky , 

anything for your smile ….  

#Introvert #poetry #poem

~Astha Srivastava β™₯️

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